review – better organize your work better organize your work and private life

Are you looking for a method to organize your work even better? Is your Google Calendar always busy? is the innovative tool that’s right for you.

Read on and find out how works and why you should start using it too.

What is is technically a task manager app. Using it is easy and intuitive. Both the free version, with some limitations, and the paid version designed for those with a busy schedule and need to coordinate an entire work team are available.

In practice, the smart software integrates the features of Google Calendar by automatically synchronizing multiple calendars so as to allow you to better manage the time available, priorities and commitments.

The ultimate goal is to help you achieve a perfect balance between work life and private life, preventing the former from taking over the latter.

How many times have you had to give up gym time, an aperitif with friends or a few moments to spend with your family, due to a busy schedule?

With you can accept or reject commitments, set priorities and better manage your working day. In doing so, your calendar shows only the invitations you have actually decided to participate in.

How works

How works is very simple. You just need to follow three steps to start using the service right away:


1.  Log in

The first step is to sign up for the free service   and authorize the software to access the tasks in your calendars .   automatically synchronizes all the events in the Google calendars you normally use.

2.  Set priorities

Now all you have to do is manage events. Simply indicate which tasks are most important, which events to block, which events you cannot participate in and in which time slots of the week you are available.

3.  Connects multiple management tools

At this point you just have to connect with the various supported project management tools.

The app supports all the main applications commonly used for scheduling tasks and work even remotely: Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Asana, Kire, Trello, Todoist.

You can also reschedule activities at any time and focus on only the most important activities. helps you save time

Once you have logged in and set your priorities, automatically takes care of a whole series of operations that allow you to save time and at the same time increase productivity:

  • Create flexible blocks to make it easier to achieve goals
  • Automatically move events based on priorities
  • Analyze and notify you about tasks that are about to expire
  • Find free moments of the day for you in conclusion is the ideal tool to better organize your week!

You will probably need a few days before being able to make the most of the tool, however, once you understand all the features you will notice important benefits that translate into a better balance between private and work life.

Do you want to sign up now? Click here.