Nokia rebranding

Nokia changes logo and communication strategy

“This is a bold step in Nokia’s journey and will help us be recognized by existing and potential customers for the B2B technology innovation leader we are today.”

Melissa Schoeb
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Nokia

“Our new logo is a bold evolution of the 1960s classic. It is dynamic, precise and brings new meaning, cleverly representing our purpose with abstract letters that, when acted together, read like Nokia.”

Stacey Brierley

Vice President, Brands, Nokia

Nokia presented the new logo which represents the new corporate strategy which has nothing to do with the world of telephony, as we were used to. A rebranding that comes after almost 60 years.

“In most people’s minds, we’re still a successful mobile phone brand, but that’s not what Nokia is all about,” Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark told Bloomberg. “We want to launch a new brand that is focusing a lot on networks and industrial digitization, which is a completely different thing from mobile phones.”

nokia rebranding

The new Nokia logo is slimmer and more minimal than the previous version.

The font chosen for the wordmark is a geometric sans personalized in the strokes of some letters: the “N”, the “K” and the “A” give the logo anextremely modern and airy look.

It was presented in some variations on the theme, together with cables, a robot geko, containers, a lathe in progress and together with spring flowers to best represent the rebirth of the brand.

The color range is extremely varied and adaptable to any type of positioning, while the wordmark, depending on the occasion, will appear only in white or blue.

Congratulations on the work to Lippincott international communication agency.