Expedia changes logo

Expedia changes logo

New logo for Expedia? We all know Expedia, the company founded in 1996 and launched in 2001 that allows you to book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and complete holiday packages online.

From the website you can also use other useful services for travellers, such as changing a trip, requesting a refund, consulting reviews left by other users and more.

The company has changed the logo several times since 1996, carrying out a total of five rebranding operations, the last of which in 2012.

According to some rumors disclosed by Footy Headlines, the current logo could soon change in favor of a new logo that will not feature the plane symbol, present in all previous logos.

New Expedia logo: between rumors and certainties

There are currently no official statements from Expedia. However, during the announcement of the new kits of Liverpool, an English football club of which Expedia is one of the sponsors, the travel specialist’s new logo was shown for the 2023-2024 season.

The image is unclear, also because Expedia is not the main sponsor of the football team, but it can be seen that the iconic representation of the airplane, a symbol of the company since its foundation, has been replaced by an arrow pointing towards the top, which, with a little imagination, still resembles an airplane.

Curiously, the new logo is already present in the mobile version (app) of Expedia, but not on the official website.

Expedia has always paid close attention to its logo, changing it five times in the past, but this new logo introduces substantial changes.

From the first logo, simple with the airplane symbol circled in blue, to the second characterized by more lively shades, from the little successful logo of 2010 that lasted only a few months, to the current official logo in use for over 10 years.

The latter aims to highlight the importance of a minimalist and impactful design, with a dark blue that contrasts well with the yellow airplane symbol. The character is modern and the choice of colors communicates professionalism and reliability. New Expedia logo: what changes and why the new rebranding

And we come to what is and will be the new Expedia logo.

As anticipated, the logo is present today only as an icon of the Expedia app, but the disappearance of the iconic plane is certainly a novelty.

The reasons for the choice may be different and the company will communicate them in due course. At the moment, we can make a few hypotheses:

  • Expedia wants to put the emphasis on all the services and travel experiences offered and not just on the possibility of booking airline flights.
  • The plane is a vehicle with a significant environmental impact; probably the graphics have suggested a logo that highlights the quality of the services (up arrow).
  • Simplification and minimalism. The proposed logo goes in the direction of further simplification. The choice is consistent with the evolution of the various logos adopted by the company.

While waiting for official communications, I invite you to give me your opinion on the new Expedia logo: what do you think of the choice? Do you prefer the old plane or the new up arrow?